Residential complex

Gumbati in Gorgasali

Floors: 14
Free: 0
Cost: from 650$

Premium class residential complex

  • High standard of construction
  • Best location
  • Administration services - 24/7
  • Facade covered with natural stone, high quality ceramics, brick and wood texture, which is effective in the climatic conditions of the city
  • Internal interest-free installment
  • Construction is 100% funded

14 floor


Apartments from 30 м²

Brand elevators

Two entrance


Commercial spaces

Reception 24/7

Near the central park

Green frame

About the project

Construction progress

Commercial area

Apartments sold

Parking sold

Due date:

2021 year


13/15 Gorgasali/H.Abashidze str

Construction stages

The project Gumbati Gorgasali has entered the final construction phase - facade finishing works are underway


for living and business

Terms of Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing the space, order a call. Registration is a transparent and simple process that lasts a total of 30 minutes

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